My mood is like an unpleasant summer…hallucinates me for hydration..behaving like mirage in the midst of oblivion.. her memories are tangerine.. often i think about how should I had loved her.. the way I see peoples everywhere.. they way that would be enough to not to let her go.. for how long I need to […]

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Prologue Morning of winter people getting ready for college While I kept lying on my bed thinking how amazing the day is going to be While my cousin is not even willing to take a shower me in a stone cold water shower Planning on wearing some perfume so that I can impress her by […]

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Holding hands of your loved ones makes you loose all your pain away. 😀 But she is not there for me anymore. And the irony is there is no replacement at all, neither does I have the courage and desire to let anyone else to be her replacement. Out of 8 billion and so on […]

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Dante : Dude, why is she so different from others. She is also the same, like everyone else. What makes you think all that and do you forget what has happened to you previously. We did had a deal, remember.? Virgil : Yeah I know. But I improvised. When the dawn breaks, you can the […]


A letter to her future husband..

Mr. whoever you are or whoever you will be. You might be perfect, I wish, or whatever, but let her be what she wants to be. Don’t misinterpret her innocence as her stupidity Don’t misinterpret her flaws as her mood-swings Don’t misinterpret her mood-swings as her habits Don’t get annoyed by her habits Don’t judge […]

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In my loneliness, I have found a companion, it segregate all the emotions that I am carrying due, that i have to let go through within me, to get rid of it for once and all. But I cannot collect that courage to face it altogether.So this companion of mine, it helps me, it makes […]

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Ghosts of your memories, left me way too long before, before I could sneak into them and re-vitalize your presence Ghosts of your memories, left me way too long before, the memoirs are still sculpted on the stones and petals of my heart, though I dont feel like to write anymore, I dont feel the […]

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“Just hold on for one sec.” She said and picked up an other untimely over-enthusiastic friend’s call. Listening to their conversation he was thinking, before 15 minutes, he wanted to be the first one to wish her happy birthday. Bad luck, perhaps. Her voice is still the same, as he remember clearly. How can he […]

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“Nothing” is an unremarkable word that you are using to describe the possibilities that you endure within yourself.. Dear heart, Everytime, that you are asked “How are you?” You aggregate it with the nothingness of your existence. Sometimes, it okay to swallow your situation, with ability to, hope  for the light at the end of […]

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9th Cloud

Her eyes..can make you high as hell, Her body…makes her cloth look well.. Her lips..that are souvenir of perfection, Her mind..can read your stary intentions.. Her humor ..with you cannot intervene, Her smile..can make you do anything.. Her hands..Her fingers..are soft, You will touch and you will be lost.. in the deep ocean of her […]

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